There is beauty in simplicity

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Eyelashes and Eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows and eyelashes is important for facial expression

Let’s remember the Mona Lisa, which millions of curious people come to see because of the declared beauty phenomenon.

and who has neither eyebrows nor eyelashes, and the whole world admires her refined beauty. At one time, there were many controversies about why she doesn’t have an eyebrow?

Certain experts claimed that the painter did not paint them in order not to overload her subtle appearance and spiritual expression, while others claimed that the color had faded, and the third, what is most likely – that she did not even have them.

Master Educator

Daria Glažar

Cheerful and communicative, on the other hand calm and committed to all tasks.

This job requires a person to be precise, patient and have a detailed knowledge of eyelash application techniques. It is necessary to understand different face shapes and adjust the style of eyelashes according to the needs and wishes of the client.

Master Educator

What do I do?

Eyelash extensions

If you like a natural look, we recommend Classic eyelash extensions.

Eyebrow powder

Eyebrow powder on the face achieves a subtle effect of change without fear of overexpressed eyebrows.

Lash lift

Painless eyelash curling and lifting treatment for all women who do not want extensions.

Brow lift

Natural eyebrow styling treatment that gives fullness and increases the visual volume of the eyebrows.

Henna brows

The ancient procedure of dyeing eyebrows with henna. A painless method of eyebrow definition and filling.


Courses and education are intended for people who want to learn the latest makeup techniques for their own needs.

Permanent lip makeup

Permanent lip makeup is a cosmetic procedure performed by applying micropigmentation to the lips.


Threading is a method of shaping eyebrows with thread that originated in India more than 6,000 years ago.

What others are saying

In terms of doing this job, perfect. Politeness, likability, relaxation, expertise, hard work, warmth and intelligence all together. All praise and my recommendation

– Amelia

What can you say about Daria… first of all, if you want top quality education and a person who will selflessly impart knowledge to you, then she is the one… Simple, dear, everything she knows is very happy to share… great atmosphere in the salon… there is no need to talk about her work which is perfect… All recommendations

– Snježana

I don’t know which one is better, the lashes, salon or Daria. Beautiful girl and the best eyelashes in town!

– Vanna

This girl turned me into a female person😂 in one treatment I get the most perfect eyelashes and eyebrows, psychotherapy….a unique and wonderful young creature❤

– Danijela


Tailored to you

Why choose education with Daria?

In addition to quality, I consider it extremely useful and important, and therefore I responsibly approach the fact that the success of my students is also my success. For this reason, even after the education is completed, I monitor the work and progress of all the participants of the education, we help in the steps, and we communicate together through a unique support group where I gladly share tips and tricks for work. In this way, we grow and progress together.